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Passive WDM Series

bey365体育投注 Pronets’s WDM Passive products include: CWDM MUX/ DEMUX Modules, CWDM OADM Modules, DWDM 100GHz and 200GHz Modules(thin film filters technology), AAWG 100GHz DWDM and TAWG 100GHz DWDM Module

Key Materials From:
The key components TFF (thin fim filters) are imported from Taiwan and USA ;
The AWG chips are imported from USA;

Meet your customized request:
Our specialists are able to make your special products according to your request or your WDM system design. Contact us to talk about your request NOW;

We are able to show reliability test report or certificate of compliance with Tecordia;
We are able to show our RoHs certificate of all materials;
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